How To: Cook bowtie pasta with sausage and roasted peppers

Cook bowtie pasta with sausage and roasted peppers

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook bowtie pasta with sausage and roasted peppers. You will need: garlic powder, basil, oregano, parsley, red peppers, roasted peppers, minced garlic, 2 small tomatoes, chicken bouillon, beef bouillon, sausage, and bowtie pasta. First, place your sausage into a grill and remove the excess fat, it's best if you have a small countertop grill. When done cooking, chop up into small sections. Now, chop up your vegetables and place into a frying pan with olive oil. Next, boil water with salt and add in your pasta when it's boiling. Now, boil both of your stocks in a separate pot along with seasonings. After this, combine your sausage in the skillet with your vegetables and let it cook for a couple more minutes, then add in your bouillon. Taste this to see if it's seasoned perfectly and when finished, add in your pasta to the skillet. Combine together and let simmer for a few minutes. When finished, serve while still hot and enjoy this delicious sausage and pasta dish!

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