How To: Make spaghetti carbonara

Make spaghetti carbonara

This video shows us how to make a traditional, true carbonara. First, the video points out that people often use bacon in their caronara, but you should really use guanciale, which is a cured pig's cheek. Put the pig's cheek in a nice and hot pan and get it crispy. The next step is to cook the pasta. Then, you put one whole egg and one egg yolk into a bowl and whisk it up. Mix about three tablespoons of Pecorino cheese as well as three tablespoons of parmigiano cheese with the eggs, plus some pepper. And that is your sauce, nice and simple. When your pasta is al dente, leave a little touch of the pasta water with it and put the pasta straight into the pan with the guanciale juices. Mix in your egg and cheese sauce, making sure you don't scramble the eggs! Add some more of the cheeses if you'd like, plate the pasta, and top it with the crispy guanciale. Top with some more freshly grated cheese, and there you have it, a true spaghetti carbonara.

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