How To: Make spinach pasta dough

Make spinach pasta dough

Make your pasta dough more aesthetically pleasing with spinach! Spinach pasta doesn't just look colorful and vibrant— it tastes great, too! This beautiful pasta dough is made with fresh spinach, sautéed and puréed, which is added to flour, eggs and salt.

Roberta Dowling shares her tips and tricks for preparing the colorful dough with the added benefit of vitamin-rich spinach. After 10 minutes of kneading (making pasta is not for wimps!), let the dough rest for half an hour, then roll into angel hair, spaghetti, ravioli... Fresh pasta cooks quickly, so all your hard work will pay off when you're ready to assemble a meal. Just add your favorite sauce, freshly grated cheese and you're done.


For Spinach Purée

* 1 cup water
* ½ lb (3 cups) spinach leaves, washed but not dried
* pinch of salt

For Dough

* 3 cups flour
* 2 eggs
* pinch of salt
* if dough feels dry, add another egg white, egg yolk or 2-4 tbsp water

Special Equipment

* fine-mesh strainer or tamis
* blender or food processor
* tongs
* plastic bench scraper
* stainless bench scraper

Make spinach pasta dough

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