How To: Cook pasta perfectly

Cook pasta perfectly

Cooking perfect pasta isn't hard. Then again, cooking mushy or crunchy noodles is dangerously easy. Watch this how to video to learn how to cook pasta al dente.

You will need:
a stove
a large pot
fresh cold water
pasta of your choice
a large colander

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Wrong! Or at least not completely right.
1. Heat the water to a boil on maximum heat, if you want to save time you can heat most of the water in a water heater while leaving a little in the pot on the stove as the stove heats (if you have a slow heating stove).

2. Put in a lot of salt, a lot more than you think, trust me, it won't taste salty. I'm talking about like a tablespoon or so for like 2-3 servings of pasta. Also put in a teaspoon or so of olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking together after you've removed the water.

3. When all the water is in the pot on the stove and in a full boil, put in the pasta and when it again reaches a full boil, reduce the temperature to about 2/3 heat and let it boil for about 7-9 minutes depending on the type and brand of pasta.

4. If you're not sure how long the particular type of pasta should cook, taste some of it after about 7 minutes and after that in short intervals to target in on the optimal cooking time for your brand of pasta.
An old trick I learned when I was younger was to take a strand of spaghetti and throw it on the refrigerator door or any other flat, smooth vertical surface - if it sticks it's done, if not - give it some more time.

I like your method a lot Rymdkakor. making a pasta is a skill to some extendm

at first it was kind of tricky for me until i came across this tutorial that fixed everything for me, is a magic knowing something so simple i thought complicated.

I wish that someone had shown me this when I first learning how to prepare my first pasta dish. That could have saved me hours and hours of banging my head on the wall, trying different methods out.

For me nothing beats this simple clear-to-the-cut video right here

One of the most disgusting things when it comes to pasta is when it's cooked with not enough salt, that's why you should put in more salt than they say in the video! Most of it goes away when you pour off the water anyways :)

Hello there this is Arleen

For an easy step-by -step how to prepare the best pasta that nothing beats this simple video

Even your a complete beginner you can watch the link??

Almost 100% sure this tutorial is going to blow your mind away. I am a long fan of this chef and he makes it ridiculously joke!

Again you can watch the video here
Hope it helps!

I know everything is only easy when you have the know how and everything is only difficult when you lack the know how , but for me Cooking pasta is magical experience if you have this simple clear to the cut method, this kiss of the moon know how right of cooking pasta.

Just check this and you will stun with what you will discover.

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