How To: Make vegetarian pasta lo-mein with chef Kai

Make vegetarian pasta lo-mein with chef Kai

Don't have any noodles to make some lo mein with? Don't fear you can use regular spaghetti pasta instead. Watch this how to video cooking tutorial as Thai Chef Kai shows you how to make pasta lo-mein. This lo-mein recipe is completely vegetarian.

Pasta lo-mein ingredients: thin spaghetti, chicken stock, soy sauce, seasoning sauce, hoisin sauce, sugar, sesame oil garlic, celery and green onions.

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#$%@k youuuuu
you suck and so does your recipe
this taste like #$%@t and nothing like the store bought lo mein you dont deserve to be called a chef you #$%@!+*

if anyone agrees with me please comment

i dont agree, this recipe rocks!!! and is really tasty, keep uo the good work Chef Kai!!!:)

Can anyone get me this recipe...looks like the video does not work anymore or can send me a link to the video. I have made this forever and we moved and lost the recipe and my kids loved it. I know most of the ingredients but not the amounts. Please and thank you!

Hey guys, this is Brandon

Preparing the best pasta can be really difficult at first. It was almost impossible for us to master how to do it without proper step-by-step tutorial from the professional chefs.

I've watched hundreds of tutorials online, but nothing beats this simple, clear-to-the-cut video here:

Clink the link above ,and you'll land on an intermediate page, just click "i am not a robot" to continue, and you'll land on the best Youtube Tutorial video on pasta cooking where it shows step-by-step on how to prepare al-dente pasta even if you're a complete beginner.

i hope that someone show me this when i first learning how to prepare my first pasta dish. That could save me hours and hours of banging my head on the wall, trying different methods out.

Again, you can watch the tutorial here:

I'm almost 100% sure this tutorial is going to blow your mind away.

Ian a big fan of this chef and he makes it ridiculously easy! No joke.

Hope it help :)


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