How To: Make three-cheese ravioli

Make three-cheese ravioli

FoodNetworkTV shows you how to make three-cheese ravioli. This filled ravioli also includes pancetta and wild mushrooms. To make the dough take one pound of flour pour right on the table and make a well. Put in eggs and kneed together. Let it rest then begin the sauce. Coat your pan with oil, smash some garlic in pan add pancetta then remove garlic. Slice the mushrooms and put them in the pan with some chicken stock. For the filling add some ricotta, eggs,parmesan, and taleggio cheese. Place in a pastry bag so it can pie in the ravioli. Roll dough through the pasta machine. Put filling on the dough leaving space to fold the dough over. Seal them up very tight and cut them. Place them in very salty water. From the water put the pasta in the sauce, and serve.

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