How To: Make Taste of Asia's house special lo mein

Make Taste of Asia's house special lo mein

Chef Jui Chin demonstrates how to make Lo Mein. First, he starts with cut up meat and vegetables: green onions, white onions, shrimp, bean sprouts, julienne cabbage, julienne carrots, and separately he has some julienne sliced pork. You want precooked lo mein noodles or you can substitute with linguini or spaghetti. After preparing your meat and vegetables heat up the wok (you may want a bigger wok to avoid spilling) on the stove. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil and rotate the pan around to spread the oil. Then add the pork and stir fry it until it is no longer pink. While cooking the meat add a large spoonful of a minced garlic and ginger mixture and stir it around. Next, add all of the vegetables and shrimp and stir fry them together. While they are cooking add in some the following seasonings: thin soy sauce, oyster sauce, and a little bit of sesame oil. Then stir mixture together and add a quarter cup of hot water or unsalted chicken broth. Next, place the noodles on top and cover with a lid for a minute or two. After you uncover it stir the mixture together then add more seasonings stirring the whole time. You will want to add a ground teaspoon of salt, a little pepper (black or white), and thick soy sauce for coloring. You can add more of the oyster sauce and thin soy sauce to taste. You may also add more of the thick soy sauce to make it darker. After that you can put it on a plate, garnish it with green onions (optional), and serve it.

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