How To: Make pad thai (or phat thai) with dry noodles

Make pad thai (or phat thai) with dry noodles

Ning's Kitchen shows how to make Pad Thai with dry noodles. Use 1 1/2 boxes of Thai Noodles, and hot Thai sauce. You'll also need bean sprouts and shrimp. Two eggs, carrots diced, dried mushrooms, preserved radish which was purchased at an Asian store. Also use soy sauce, red pepper, and canola oil. Pour 3 tablespoons canola in a wok and add garlic. Add the diced carrots and two eggs. Stir this mixture and add two cups of shrimp. Stir this mixture in the wok. Once shrimp is cooked, add the noodles and two tablespoons soy sauce. Continue stirring mixture in the wok. Add two teaspoons sugar and two teaspoons crushed red peppers. You can also add a half cup roasted peanuts if you'd like. Add bean sprouts. Just continue stirring items in the wok. Cook until crunchy and serve! Oh and per Ning, the more sauces you add the spicier.

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