How To: Make fettuccini Napolitaine in tomato concasse

Make fettuccini Napolitaine in tomato concasse

Vijay Wanchoo of the Imperial Hotel in Janpath, India shares this recipe.

To make the concasse sauce he removes the skin of the tomatoes by putting them into hot water for a few seconds, then immediately into cold water; the skin then peels off easily. The tomatoes are then sliced, seeded and cubed.

Next he sautés the chopped onions and garlic in olive oil, adds crushed black pepper, some vegetable broth, a bit of sugar and the tomatoes. This is cooked for about 10 minutes, then he adds some salt, the rest of the stock and some thyme.

In another pan he puts some butter, garlic, dry red chilies and the cooked pasta. Into this goes the tomato concasse sauce, along with some black pepper and salt to taste. A little Parmesan cheese on the top for garnish and it's done.

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