How To: Make crab and edamame ravioli

Make crab and edamame ravioli

In this video Beau MacMillan demonstrates how to make crab and edamame ravioli. He begins by making the pasta with all purpose and semolina flour, eggs, salt and olive oil. He kneads the dough and lets it rest while making the orange beurre blanc sauce. The sauce uses white wine, sherry vinegar, fresh shallots, orange juice, and heavy cream. To make the filling, he mixes cooked edamame, soft tofu, fresh basil, orange zest, crabmeat, and mascapone cheese. He rolls out the pasta, then goes back to the sauce. He whisks in some butter over low heat. When the butter is melted he strains it to get the sauce. He cuts the ravioli in circles, spoons in the filling, seals them and drops them in boiling water. The pasta is ready when it starts to float. He puts them on a platter with sauce and garnishes them with oranges. This video teaches you how to make an elegant and unusual homemade pasta dish.

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