How To: Cook pasta the Italian way with Jamas Russell

Cook pasta the Italian way with Jamas Russell

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook pasta the Italian way with Jamas Russell. TO begin, heat up a large pot with water and salt. Once this is boiled, add in your pasta and lower the heat slightly. Once the pasta is added, add in a bit of olive oil so the pasta doesn't stick together. After the pasta has been boiling several minutes, check to see if it's done. If the pasta still has a slight crunch to it, it's cooked perfectly. If the pasta is still hard, cook it longer. After this, drain the water from the pasta and serve immediately with your favorite sauce! Enjoy!

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Hello Guys,

One of the best way in the world for me to prepare pasta is this simple clear to the cut method right here

For me nothing beats this, is a kiss of the moon!!!

check this vid on how to cook the best al dente pasta by one of world's best chefs:

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