How To: Cook a budget friendly Top Ramen noodle burrito

Cook a budget friendly Top Ramen noodle burrito

In this video, the two best way to make Top Ramen noodles are shown. For the first way, crush the noodles inside the bag. Then take out the flavor package and put enough water in the bowl to cover the noodles. Then microwave the noodles for three and half minutes. Remove from the microwave and put the seasoning in the bowl. Mix the flavor in and then strain most of the water. Then you add four ice cubes and seasoning salt. Stir until the ice cubes are melted. This ramen is done, but you can also add odds and ends from you fridge. The second way is called the burrito. Crush the noodles in the bag but make sure that you don't puncture the bag. This recipe you need the bag. Then open the bag and take out the flavor package. Then fill up the bag with hot water form your faucet. After that, pour the flavor package into the bag. Then put more water in the bag until the top noodles rise. Then mix up the noodles. After that, hold the top of the bag and strain out the water. Then place a full sized towel on the floor, and you roll the bag of ramen tightly into the towel. Leave for about five minutes. After it has sat, unroll the towel and take out the noodles. It should be packed into a burrito shape. Then you can enjoy the noodles.

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