How To: Avoid sticky, clumpy, goo-ey pasta

Avoid sticky, clumpy, goo-ey pasta

Chef Michael Smith on Food Network Canada tells you how to avoid serving up a solid mass of pasta with sauce sticking to it.

- The key point is to cook the pasta, serve it, and eat it immediately.
- Don't overcook the pasta; it should still be 'al dente'.
- Don't rinse it, since the starch that sticks to the outside of the pasta helps the sauce adhere to it.
- Certain pastas work better with certain types of sauces. Fettucini, for example, is a pretty thick pasta which works well with a thicker sauce.
- There's nothing you can do if you've just made it, but for some reason you have to wait 15 minutes before serving. By then, any sauce would be lumpy once it reaches the table.
- Eat it. Quickly!

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